Friday, August 24, 2012

There is Always a Bright Side (Art Journaling Week 3)

It's been a buys week of work all day, come home and art journal till bed. I really hate that I get my second wind right before bed time. I want to stay up late and finish what I'm working on. It doesn't make it easy to get up at 4 a.m. to go to work in the bakery. c'est la vie. When you love what you do the lack of sleep is worth it.

Even in the darkest of places....


These first 2 pages started out with absolutely no plan. It was a let me glue down paper and see where I end up. I started with some tissue paper at the top and bottom of the pages and then added some cut construction paper. it started to look like the inside of a cave to me so that's where I set my plan. i darkened the edges with a black  and grey gradient like you were in a dark cave shining a flashlight. I added some cut out flowers and painted some multicolored bubbles. I wanted to add glitter(but glitter is the herpes of the the craft world) so instead of loose glitter and glue I opted to used some glitter nail polish. I painted it over the bubbles. i liked how it gave them glitter sparkle and made the matte bubbles have a gloss shine. I love mixing different textures and finishes.

The pages still needed more. I went to the basement and pulled out the box that held some childhood toys and found my old troll dolls to which I used as a reference for the troll painting. I painted it on a separate paper then cut it out. before I glued it in I added some unraveled yarn for his hair. After he was glued n my boyfriend Dan says to me "wheres his jewel?" I fulled out some more nail polish and put a big drop on the trolls belly. The flag he is holding is made from a toothpick and paper.

I'm really happy with how these pages turned out. It's a good inspirational page for when I'm feeling down.

End of Summer


It was a cool sunny blue skied  Tuesday after noon when I was out walking the dog contemplating in my head how much I like the end of summer and i wanted to make some pages about it. I started by tearing and bluing down over lapping pieces of paper to add texture. I then painted the sky and clouds to represent the day. For writing space I tore and glued some white paper and blended the edges with paint. I drew and cut out a ribbon with the date, and a bright Black eyed Suzy (my favorite Flower). I used a leaf stamp I had made. I stamped it and then again with out dipping it back in the ink above the fist stamp several times it gives the effect that the leaf is in motion and falling. I also used the owl stamp I had made. The pages needed something more so I drew with colored pencil  my visual representation of wind. The edging of the pages is actually the edges of 90's printer paper that I seem to have half a box still kicking around. Finally the day and pages wouldn't be complete without a fraze from my Idol Bob Ross "Happy Little Clouds"

Preview of my next pages. Scroll work stickers made from sheet labels for printer.