I'm Nikki B If I can be creative and express myself it's a good day. I love Art in any shape and form. I'm a cake decorator by day which gives me an opportunity to play with color and still pay the bills. When I get home the kitchen table is my crafting art playground. I love finding new materials and techniques to use.   

About this blog:
It's my place to share! You can expect to see the things I love Art, Cakes, My fur babies, makeup and beauty. It's my blog I'll do what I want!

Outside the online world:
I hold a degree in Fine Arts. My goal was to become an Art teacher but that pursuit has been put on the back burner for now. I work as a Cake Decorator which allows me to flex my artistic muscles.  I'm a big animal lover. The two boys that hold a special place in my heart are my kitties Marvin and Goken. Marvin was a stray we rescued off the streets, and Goken was a later addition to keep Marvin company but turned out to be my shadow and supper scaredy cat. There is also my pup Brandy a.k.a FeFe who was my mothers dog but came to live with us and has found her forever home here chasing the kitties and eating cookies.

 All products I have reviewed or used for looks have been bought with my own money unless stated otherwise. I will always give my 100% honest opinion.
   On some posts or videos, you may see a disclaimer, stating that a product was sent for consideration or review. While NykkeyB does accept free product samples, I do not accept paid compensation to review a specific product, nor do I guarantee positive reviews.