Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Review

 Last week I received some Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes in the mail from Imfluenster to try out. So I have been wearing it for the past week which is a feet for me I almost never get through a full 7 days of one color of nail polish.

Skip the salon, get the results. Don't settle for just color when you can get a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, salon-inspired color, top coat, chip-resistance and a gel finish all in 1 bottle. Featuring the unique precision brush for a flawless finish and patented Vita Care technology for advanced 10 day wear, more shine and nourishing care.
Sally description

This nail polish is supposed to be everything in one bottel.
  • base coat
  • strengthener
  • growth treatment
  • color
  • top coat
  • chip resistant
  • gel shine 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

WrecK This Journal

Behold! My newest obsession, Wreck This Journal. So last week I was going through my YouTube feed and Bunny a.k.a grav3yardgirl had started a new series where she started a Wreck This Journal and by the end I was intrigued and hooked! I wanted to play to so off to amazon I went to order one.

I bet your probably wondering what the heck is a Wreck This journal? Basically its a Journal/art-journal with prompts. Like create a continuous line, and page of good thoughts. It also has prompts that get you to think out of the box, leave your comfort zone, like stand on this page and jump up and down. It reminds me a lot of the type of projects or exercises they would have us do in art school. Its the kind of thing that anyone could go with any artistic level.