Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NOTD Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Rare

While In New Your City last week I picked up some things at Sephora. I had never tried anything from Illamasqua and then I saw this color and couldn't resist. I was immediately draw to the bright neon construction worker yellow. The color however looks best in white or daylight, it doesn't look as neon under incandescent light bulbs, but out in the sun light it is full neon day glow.

The finish of the polish is a satin finish, which i wasn't too much of a fan of so I just added a glossy topcoat. I have been wearing the polish for about 4 days now and it wears very well, with little peeling or chipping, and I am hard on my polish with my hands in dish water a lot at work, and home.

I tried the polish with an accent nail with white crackle over it but it only seemed to wash out the bright vibrancy of the yellow. I think next time I will try it with a black or deep blue crackle.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fortune Cookie Soaps, First Impressions & Review

Fortune Cookie soaps are Hand mad gunk free soaps and bath products. They make soaps that are shaped like fortune cookies and even have the message inside which I think is supper cute. 

(Description from
Only Safe "Gunk Free" Ingredients
We are committed to formulating our soaps and bath products using only safe ingredients. All raw materials are rigorously researched not only for their therapeutic properties but also to make sure there are no harmful components. We don't use any of the following:
  • No parabens
  • No sodium lauryl sulfate
  • No synthetic preservatives
  • No animal testing!
I really like this product. It is shaped like a fortune cookie and even has a message in it. The smell of it is Just like a lemon drop candy, which lemon is my favorite smell. I have been using this soap in the shower and it leaves my skin so soft and gives that clean feeling without the tight feeling which I feel most bar soaps always leave me with. The soap is even gentle enough to use on the face without drying me out or leaving that tight feeling.

Lemon Zing Fortune Cookie soap

This looks exactly like a snow cone and smells like one too! You can get about 3 uses out of one bomb, but I did find it hard to break it up. I had to almost chisel it with a butter knife. I really like this product. I enjoy bath soaking products and this was a great on. It left my shin feeling soft and smelling good.

Dragon fruit Shaved Ice Bath Bomb  

This product goes on so smooth and leaves lips really soft. The smell is a strong artificial watermelon smell reminding me of watermelon candy. The lip tint doesn’t have any tint to it in my opinion; it doesn’t add any color to the lips. I don’t feel that for the $4.25 price for .07oz and the fact that it has no tint it’s worth it. However if it were twice the size which is the size of a regular chopstick it would be worth the price.

Juicy watermelon Lip Tint

This is an adorable soap, looking just like a cup cake. The smell of it is just like a baked strawberry cake. This would be one of those soaps that is too cute to use, and would be a great decorative bathroom soap. I have yet to use it just because I like how it looks too much.

Cupcake Bar soap

The carrot cake bath melts smell just like spiced carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. You put them in the bath tub and soak. They leave your skin really moisturized and would be great someone with dry skin.

Carrot Cake bath Melt
Over all I really like the products from Fortune Cookie Soaps. The fact they only use safe ingredient is an awesome plus. They smell amazing and leave my skin feeling good. My only real problem was the packaging, or the lack there of. Some of the products came packaged in plastic zip lock baggies. I received the bath melts in a broken and crumbled state. Even though the website had a disclaimer saying that the bath melts may arrive either broken crumbled or melted, I think that even if it were packaged in the plastic baggie it could have been tightly wrapped inn the baggie to prevent the breakage.  I also think that a fragile this side up sticker when it was shipped would have prevented the cupcake soap from looking so banged up.