Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th Of July! ( Stop Scaring the Kittys!)

Dear 4th of July Fireworks,

                            I would just like to start by saying how fun you are. You are so pretty to watch all your different colors. You look like falling stars, and those fancy ones that look like weeping willow. Your so fun to light up and no 4th would be the same without twirling your sparklers. Also the excitement of never knowing who might go to the ER is always fun to placer bets on. But there is a problem you see. You scare the bajesus out of my little cat. Granted he is afraid of everything but your extra loud and random booms, cracks, and snaps really seem to upset him. So if you could be pretty and fun without all the noise little kitten would greatly appreciate it.
   So until that happens I'm going to go dig Kitty from under the bed and snuggle him to make him feel better.
                                                                             Love Always , Nikki B.