Thursday, January 16, 2014

WrecK This Journal

Behold! My newest obsession, Wreck This Journal. So last week I was going through my YouTube feed and Bunny a.k.a grav3yardgirl had started a new series where she started a Wreck This Journal and by the end I was intrigued and hooked! I wanted to play to so off to amazon I went to order one.

I bet your probably wondering what the heck is a Wreck This journal? Basically its a Journal/art-journal with prompts. Like create a continuous line, and page of good thoughts. It also has prompts that get you to think out of the box, leave your comfort zone, like stand on this page and jump up and down. It reminds me a lot of the type of projects or exercises they would have us do in art school. Its the kind of thing that anyone could go with any artistic level. 

I love the list of materials. It lets you know that art materials are not just limited to pencils and paint. One of the first things the Journal has you do is number your pages to which I had a bit of fun with.... until page 50 or so and I just gave up.

I think this is one of my favorite pages. Stand here! Yes it asks you to stand on the journal. I told you it get you out side the box. I had so much fun with this that I had lots of people at work stand in my journal too. I'm pretty sure everyone had fun standing in a book.

Spill your coffee. This one I had on the counter while I made my coffee this morning, I tend to make messes but hey that's the point finding art in mistakes and accidents. I think I'll go back and make my coffee on top of this for a while and see what happens. That's whats fun is you can keep working pages till your happy with them. Part of the instructions is to carry this with you everywhere you go, and experiment go against you better judgement. Lets face it standing in a book or using it as a coaster is against most everyone's better judgement. 

Instructions are open to interpretation. Yes they are not one hole poked in the "guide" line

I even got the pup involved with hand prints.

This is an other page I love. I smeared curry all over this page which is one of my favorite smells. now my journal smells like fresh book and curry!

How fun. The back cover prompts you to mail your journal to yourself. I almost wish I had someone over seas to mail it to to mail back to me. How fun would it be if it were adorned with foreign postage?

I'm so excited to keep going and see what other odd things it's going to have me do with it.