Friday, August 10, 2012

Reuse It: Circus Nail Polish Packaging

As I was doing my makeup this morning and grabbing for a cotton swab, I was thinking I wish I had something smaller to put them in. Then I turned my head and saw in the cabinet the packaging from the circus nail Polish I had gotten in last months MyGlam Bag. I took a couple of swabs and put them in and sure enough they fit perfectly. I didn't want to throw the packaging out because I thought it was pretty and now I have a use for it. I love finding new uses for things that would otherwise go in the trash.

 This would be a great way to carry cotton swabs in a travel bag or in a purse. Or just a neater way to keep them on a vanity instead of the big ugly box they come in.

What are some of the ways you reuse things?

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