Saturday, August 18, 2012

Art journaling (week 2)

The creative bug has bit me! It's becoming a nightly thing for me now. It feel's so good to be back at it, I feel so accomplished when I'm done. I finished 3 sets of pages this week. When I finish it seem that I can't wait to start some more or wait till next weeks Art Journaling class. here is what I came up with this week.

I didn't really start with any solid ideas of how to start these pages. I just went to the pad of scrap booking paper and chose this brown hounds tooth paper. I stuck it to the pages and sat for a while thinking. I have been kink of obsessing over images of owls lately and was like bam! "I'll put an owl in a tree." I drew out my owl and colored him in. I drew the outline of the tree and decided the background would be sunset/twilight. I painted around the outside of the tree with white ceiling paint (my alternative to gesso) I was going to use liquid inks to make the sunset but that didn't work out to well so i switched to acrylic paint. I painted a gradient from the black and blue up top to the oranges at the bottom. I added a little white to each color and mixed on the pallet and added it in as clouds. and with a tooth pick and white I added stars in the darkest part of the sky. The top of a medicine bottle made a good stamp for the moon.

I glued the owl to the tree and decided it was a bit empty so i gave him a friend hiding in a bird house. I used a bit of twine as if it were rope hanging the house to the tree. I thought it gave it a nice bit of dimension and texture.

Eventually I'll add writing running up and down the tree to make it more like bark, but there lies my problem. I can never thing of things I want to wright down. I have no problem getting the art out but words don't come so easily. 

With these pages I just wanted to play around with some different techniques.  I started with white construction paper. On the left I used maroon tissue paper and a hole punch and pinking sheers to cut it. I glued it down with watered down glue. on the right I cut strips of the tissue paper and glued it down in a gingham pattern and tearing bits as I got further down toward the bottom of the page. Then I got a little crazy and broke out that mornings used coffee grounds and stained a square of white paper and glued it to the maroon when it was dry. I also took the coffee grounds and stained the edges of both pages. I played around with stamping with paint and splattering paint. I added a big B with a silver paint marker. Then as I was going through some supplies I found a stamp that I had made and decided to use that on the stained paper.

These pages were very Jenny of Everyday is a Holiday inspired. I took a lot of things from this weeks class and used used them in making my pages. I started by gluing striped scrap book paper to both sides and then gessoed the edges of the left and the center of the right. Then added a wash of paint. I took from Jenny's theme of things I love. Finally something that is easy to wright about (my favorite things). Seeing as peeps are one of my favorite things no matter what time of year I knew I wanted to have a peep. I painted the peep and cupcake and cut them out with an exacto knife. I took some origami paper and cut it with pinking sheers for the writing space. On the left I took some blue tissue paper and glued it with watered down white glue and while it was still wet I rubbed the end of the paint brush to distress it. Then added some strips of the tissue paper for more texture. I added some painted bubbles and paint splatter. I Glued in my peep and cupcake and added sticker letters. I loved the hanging date tag idea from this weeks class so I added that to my page. I used a leaf stamp I had made to make a flower. lastly I added my favorite things.

It occurred to me after I was done that if art journaling had been like this when I was in art school I would of enjoyed it more and came up with better ideas ranter than the stupid thumb nail sketches they inevitably require. After painting the little peep I want to paint more and bigger peeps. art journaling is defiantly inspiring me.

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with this week.

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Michaela Lydon said...

This is such a great idea, and your pages are done so beautifully so creative!