Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Question Wednesday ( Nail Polish Edition.)

I have been participating in the Monday Blog Hop for a while, but I'm really digging this twist on the blog hop. Every Wednesday Nykki of Nykki's Main Blog posses questions around that weeks theme. You answer them in a blog post, leave your link and check out what others answered. This weeks theme is Nial polish.

1. Favorite everyday nail polish color:
  • Zoya's Nikki. It's a nice neutral pink but still has a little something interesting It's a nice light pink but it has a light hint of green duo-chrome to it.

 2. Favorite nail polish trend(s)
  •  Flaky nail polishes. They make any nail polish way better. I'm not good at nail art so i love anything that's easy and makes a manicure pop.

 3. Acrylics or natural?
  • Natural. i have very brittle and peeling nails so I try to avoid things that are going to make them worse.

 4. Favorite Nail Polish Brand:
  • I don't have one. It's usually all about the color for me. If the polish color pops or has an interesting shimmer or duo-chrome to it is what I tend to gravitate to. 

 5. How often do you change your nail polish?
  •  Usually every 2 days. Manicures don't last long without chipping or peeling off for me. But right now I have been keeping them natural to try to get my nails healthy.