Monday, October 29, 2012

FOTD Sugar Skull

Halloween is a little less than two days away and I can't help but to keep trying out different Halloween makeup looks. I keep seeing all of these amazing Sugar Skulls on all the beauty sites and realize I have never tried to make one. Plus seeing as we are in the midst of hurricane sandy here in the Berkshires I have nothing better to do than put makeup on my face. It's what I usually do when I get really bored. Hey who knows it might scare the hurricane away. Wishful thinking.

I was surprised it wasn't that difficult to do and I didn't use anything fancy to make it. It's just some run of the mill Halloween makeup and a few matte eyeshadows. I defiantly want to try this again with different colors and more ornate design.

Have you decided what your Halloween costume is going to be yet?