Sunday, October 7, 2012

Serendipity Pages & Fall Art Journal

It's been an other busy week of art journaling. I have been working on my regular journal and this weeks Art Journaling assignment, Make a theme specific mini journal. I love looking at Aaron & Jenny's weekly class it gives me such great ideas and inspiration.


Serendipity is quite possibly one of my favorite word. It means A happy accident or pleasant surprise. I wanted my imagery to be accidental and random leave most of the control up to fate. I started by throwing down and painting the pages with a bunch of colors and letting them mix and blend together. Then I dropped blobs of watered down paint and blew on it with a straw letting it go where ever it wanted. I then piped some tacky glue on the page and smeared biys of it with a brush and let it dry. then I dry brushed blue paint on top. I also added tissue paper and toilet paper for texture. I love pages that are really tactile and I can just pub my hands all over them. lets face it we have all been to the museum and wanted to just feel the texture of a really textured looking painting, but it's frowned upon to rub your hands all over the Van Gogh. I also found a use for those dried up paint blobs on my pallet; peel them off and glue them down. I added my text pieces and of course some scroll work stickers. I love how these pages turned out. bright and colorful and chaotic.  

Autumn Mini Art Journal

Last weeks assignment was to make a theme journal from scratch. We could choose any theme, but being a New England girl with all the inspiring colors all around I couldn't help but to go with Autumn. I have so many ideas for pages.It is about a 6x8 book with 24 pages. The cover and spine are just card board that I attached together with gummed watercolor paper tape. then I sewed in 4 sets of pages. I then covered the book in fabric.

If anyone is interested in a book binding tutorial just let me know, they are really quite easy and fun to make.

Fall Leaves

I'm pretty sure the first thing everyone thinks about when they think about fall is the colorful leaves.  I started these pages with orange, yellow and red paint. i then added colored tissue paper for texture (I love me some texture!).  I also made my own maple leaf stamp just for the occasion. I stamped that and an other laf stamp all over the pages and used a clear acrylic spray paint to seal the ink from smudging. I then used the stamp on some orange construction paper and cut them out and glued them down. I used a black sharpie to give the leaves some shadows and detention. lastly I added a journaling area, letter stickers and a date hang tag.

Fall Fashion

I love when the weather starts to get cold again. that means I can pull out all my grandpa sweaters and boots. I started these pages by gluing down some gummed watercolor paper tape in a plaid checkered pattern and drew in the rest of the plaid with colored sharpies.I searched through magazines for fashion items that I liked. i roughly cut them out and backed them on paper and let them dry. magazine paper is easier to cut with an exacto knife when it's backed. I cut those out really close and then backed them with white paper again. this time I left a bit of a white border around them so they would pop.  I had a paper frame that fit with my theme and color scheme I just backed it withe the watercolor tape and added sharpie details. I also added argyle! fall fashion wouldn't be the same without argyle for me.


These last pages are unfinished but I just had to show them. I started with some tacky glue that I watered down and added some light yellow brown to. I then took toilet paper and glued it down and went over the top with more of the watered glue. Texture Texture Texture! when it was dry I went over it with some gloss medium/varnish. After that was dry I used a dry brown paint and dry brushed over the the pages to make the texture pop. I went out and collected a bunch of leaves and placed them on the page and then did lots of paint splatters over them. This didn't quite come out how I wanted to I pulled the red spray paint out and sprayed sporadically. I pulled the leaves up and was left with outlines of the leaves. Where these pages will go I'm not sure yet. We'll see what happens next week.