Saturday, October 27, 2012

NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact REVIEW

NYC New York Color's all-in-one compact gives you everything you need for a complete eye look: primer, illuminator, applicator and complementing shadows. With four vibrant colors designed for your eye color, you can create a look as individual as you are!
 Influenster description. 

The color that I received in my Influenster VoxBox was 0156-08 Dark Shadow. I like the concept of having a primer included in the pallet of eyeshadows it makes it convenient. 

I also Like that it has a plastic overlay saying what each color was for and instructions on the back on where to put each color to create a look. It's great for people who don't do makeup often or are new to it.

on bare skin
over primer

While the shadows were buttery soft the defiantly lack in pigmentation. The white color was very sheer. I had held out hopes for the darker colors but those too were sheer and poorly pigmented. I did have a bit better luck when they were applied over the primer but that only helped a little. All of the shadows have a shimmer to them and the darker colors have a bit of a chunkier glitter to them which I'm not a fan of. It always seems to add to fall out and make a mess, especialy when you have to pack the shadows on to make them show up well.

The Illuminator is supper shimmer and frosty. The insrtuctions say to add it to the brow bone as a highlight. My opinion you would look like a supper shimmery drag queen if you did. I feel like it would be better used as a shimmery base.

shadows over Illuminator
My thoughts on the eye primer it's rubbish for an eye primer. It didn't last any more than 4 hours before my eye shadow was supper creased. I did however find it quite nice under my eyes as a primer for my concealer because it was fairly pigmented. I also used in a a few blemishes which worked out well.

Over all for the $4.99 price it's ok. I don't think I would purchase any of the other colors though. If I have to pack on a color 3 times to get it to show well it's not worth my time or money.

Disclaimer:I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster