Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Music Loves #5 Zombies & Rant

So in honor of World Zombie day coming upon the 13th this week I have some of my favorite zombie songs for you. I'm so excited about The Zombie Pub Crawl and dressing up and doing my makeup like a zombie. I have been making zombie prognostics like crazy, I want to be really gruesome.  I also have a rambling song rant this week.

The Pretty Reckless "Zombie"

Natalia Kills "Zombie"

Ed Sheeran "A Team"

So really I just need to rant about this song and it's not really the song but the people who listen to this song. I keep hearing people saying  "I love that song" "Its so pretty". Pretty, Pretty? Have you really listened to the lyrics. It's about a lost her way crack smoking hooker, and how she turns tricks to buy dope. Yes Ed Sheeran has a nice voice and the melody behind the song is pretty but it's still about a crack whore. Listen to the lyrics before you rave how beautiful a song is.Ok I feel better now, just needed to get that out.