Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October Ipsy MyGlam bag. Hello Bombshell!

This months MyGlam Bag theme is Hello Bombshell. Let me say they were spot on with all the  things to make a bombshell look.

The bag itself this month is pretty good quality. it's black and white chevron print with red ascents. It's lined inside with red.

The Balm What's your type "The Body Builder" mascara. I have to say I'm really digging this mascara. When I hear body builder I think Volume. But this doesn't give too much by way of volume however it does give you length. It is possibly the most lengthening mascara I have ever tried.

Couture Colour's Pequi Oil Treatment. Can you say amazing! My hair has run the gamut of harsh treatment so needless to say it supper dry and frizzy at the ends. After just one application of this my hair felt hydrated and smooth, and even the ends. A litttle goes a long way with this too all I used was a few drops and I got great results.

Be a Bombshell Eye Liner. The pros of the eye liner is that it has staying power. I can wear it all day and it won't budge. The con is that the thick marker tip makes it hard to apply the liner evenly and thinly. I tend to hold marker type liners with the side parralell to my eye which is easier for me. But with this it make the liner really thick and splotchy if I apply it that way. I had to apply it with the tip pointing directly at my eyelid to try to apply it thin and even which made it harder. I would of liked it more if the applicator was thiner and had a finer point.

Costal Scents Eyeshadow set 8. These colors were a little hit and miss for me. Top left matte vibrant blue was a bit chalky and hard to apply. The pigmentation on it was poor. I had to pack it on for it to show. Top right deep Eggplant is more of a navy. Its a matte base with fine glitter in it. It was soft, applied evenly and blended well. Bottom left candlelight, is a sheer pearl finish. it was nice and buttery soft but applied too sheer for my liking.  Bottom right Eleven midnight, is a metallic warm grey. It has a bit of burgundy undertone to it. It was nicely pigmented and has a soft texture.

Mirenesse Lip bomb Glossy lacquer stain. So it wouldn't be a Bombshell look without a red lip. This is a lip gloss and stain all in one. The gloss is very pigmented and opaque. The Gloss is smooth and not at all sticky. It was also moisturizing. I got a good 4 hours of wear before I had to reapply and it was mainly because the gloss had worn off and my lips were dry.

The October bag in general is a hit for me.