Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday Music Loves #7 New Horizons

Twas the day after Christmas and whilst perusing iTunes, I came across the 7.99$ "bin" and noticed a Flyleaf album clicked on and realized I didn't have it and it was ....NEW! (ok so that didn't rhyme but any who) New Horizons came out late October how did I not know this!?! I previewed about half the songs and was like I need to buy NOW.

Ok yes they are Christian rock, but the thing I have realized about christian rock is it's not so much jesus every other word but more up lifting and empowering. And let's face it who doesn't love when a Chick fronts a rock band.

Unfortunately this is Lacey Sturm's last album as lead vocalist for the band.A friend at work told me this and I said to her "you just bummed me out" But Pam told me "I just wanted you to cherish it". which I will and am. It's been on perma-play on the pod this past week.

What are your thoughts on the album, and Lacy leaving?