Sunday, December 16, 2012

December Ipsy Glam Bag "Haute Holiday"

This months theme is "Haute Holiday".  I am very pleased with this month selections. I have been loving how they give you a lot of different items that can be used together to create a look lately. With December and all it's holidays you have everything you need to create a holiday look. 

Loose Pearl Shadow

Left NYX Silver,    Right OCC Ironic
First off I love my NYX pigments so I was excited about the loose pearl eyeshadow. I swatched it and realized it reminded me a lot of a color I already had. It was OCC's Ironic. Then I put them side by side and the NYX is a lot lighter and a bit less pigmented. I love to compare and contrast. With that said though I still like the shadow. It's a nice metallic silver. My bigest qualm is with the packaging. The top has a very small opening to small to dip a brush in. In order to get the product you have to dump it out onto your hand then dip your brush into it. which I end up wasting quite a bit.  

Mai Couture
Highlighter Papier

I was very intrigued when I first saw these. it's a very different way to apply a highlighting powder. From the swatch you can see that they have a lot of color for a highlighting powder. When I think highlight I think translucent type shimmer. But these have a bright peachy bronze tone to them. If you have very pale skin like me I would use them more like a blush/bronzer. Like where the sun would kiss you in the summer. I do think that they will be a handy tough up product to have in my purse though.

Prime for Face and Eyes
This has a similar texture to the smash Box Photo Finish primer to me. It's a clear silica type primer.  It says it's for face and eyes. I did like it for the face I thought it did a good job at keeping my face makeup in place and shine under control. As an eye primer on the other hand... whaa whaa whaa. I tried it with just shadow alone and 6 hours later my eyeshadow creased. I also tried it with my holy grail Maybelline color tattoos, which with my usual primer never move. Well even with the color tattoos and powder shadow 6 hours later it creased.

Urban Decay
24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

I'm in love! The pencil does what it says it glides on. It goes on so smooth and smudges out easily. It's nicely pigmented. I love it for tight lining and the water line.

Be A Bombshell
Lip Gloss

This lip gloss looks really bright in the tube but goes on sheer. It has a build-able color. It gives that I just had a cherry Popsicle look. The texture of the gloss is fairly thick and is a bit sticky, which is a big turn off for me.