Monday, December 17, 2012

Handy Nykkey! My new nail polish shelf.

In preparation for pulling out the Christmas decorations I had to clean the living room and put things away. Well come to find out I had no real home for my ever expanding nail polish collection. Some lived in the bathroom medicine cabinet but the rest were scattered all over the living room nick nack shelf and coffee table. I dicided they needed a shelf of their own in the bed room.

I went to the local hard wear store to pick up some shelf fixings. I love the mom and pop hardware store you actually get helpful customer service you can't walk 10 feet without someone asking if you need help. 

Last time I put a shelf up my Mom helped me, and she had the fancy tools like a drill and level. Well I think I did quite well all by myself and my 2 bit operation. Yep that's right in only in Girl world does a sample of perfume double as a level. And I would like to add when I ask for power tools for Christmas I'M NOT JOKING! it would of helped at lot.


The 7x 15 shelf  held all of my nail polish 60 bottles give or take with my nail tools and other accoutrements with a bit of room to add more. Now maybe when I go looking for a color I'll be able to find it.