Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holy Grail Products: Concealer

Holy Grail Products we all have them the end all to be all. I wanted to start a series of the my Holy Grail products. The things I can't live without, always go back to or use every day. Sometimes for me a Holy Grail product is a combination of them for the best out come. That is defiantly true for under eye concealer.

These two are my go to for concealing under eye circles. First i will use the Garnier Anti Dark Circle Roller first, I apply it but don't blend it out. Then I use a 2 clicks of the Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser apply that and use the little sponge tip to start to blend out the concealer. I'll also run a bit down the center of my nose and in the center of my forehead for highlight. then with whats left I put a bit around my nose and corners of my lips. Before it has gotten a chance to dry I use a stippling brush to blend it all out.

What's your Holly Grail concealer product?