Sunday, January 20, 2013

Maybelline 24/7 Color Tattoo Metal Review.

Cream gel eyeshadow for long-lasting shimmery metallic shades
Smooth, Bold Metallic Shades
24HR wear cream gel formula for smooth application description. 

After hitting up some photos of swatches online the only colors that I was interested in were Inked in Pink and Electric blue. The silver and gold shades seemed really spotty and grainy glittery. 

This collection is describes as being Metallic, but the two shades that I got don't come off as metallic to me they are more of a pearl or a shimmer. The fact that they are not metallic doesn't bother me because they are still really nice shades but if your going to describe a collection as metallic they should be what you say they are.

Like always the shadows are long lasting. I can get a whole days worth of wear out of them with out creasing. The reason I love the Color Tattoo's so much.

75 Eletic Blue

The name of this one is a bit miss leading. This is not at all what I would call an electric blue. It's more of a blackened Navy color, which is what I was looking for. The pigmentation on this one is really good it can be blended out sheer or applied with a bit of a heavenlier hand to be really opaque. I also like this as a navy liner. I have had such a hard time finding a good drugstore navy liner and this has done the trick for me.

55 Inked In Pink 

Inked In Pink is a light pink with a frosty pearl finish. I don't normally wear pink on the eyes because it gives a red irritated sick look but this color doesn't do that. I wore this the other day as a winged gel liner and it was a nice light fresh looking spring look. I got the idea from Let's MakeUp's peaches and pink wishing for spring look. I think I'll be rocking that quite a bit this spring.

If you were looking for some shades to pick up from this collection these would be my picks. I think they will lend them selves quite nicely to some spring looks.