Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fun & Simple 4th Of July Nails

First off I'm not the best at nail art, so when I find something that is easy to do even with my left hand I get excited and have to share. I thought this technique would be fun for a red whit and blue 4th of July look.

What you"ll need

  • Red, white, and blue nail polish
  • Paper plate
  • straw
  • topcoat
  • Nail Polish remover 
  • Q-Tip

What to Do

  1. start with a base of the white. let it dry completely
  2. Then take a straw and cut in 2
  3. Pour a bit of the red and blue polish on the paper plate
  4.  Use the end of the straw and dip it in the blue. while the straw is over the plate give it a little blow of air through the clean end so the polish is only on the edge of the straw. if not there could be a film which will give a really blobby look.
  5. stamp the straw onto the nail, if you want a more complete circle you may need to rock the straw side to side to accommodate the curve of the nail. 
  6. let Blue dry and then repeat with the red
  7. Clean up any polish on skin with remover and Q-Tip
  8. finish with a topcoat.

 Products used

  • Sally Hansen nail Growth Miracle Nail Color #120 White Tip
  • Sally Hansen Compleet manicure #570 Right Said Red
  • NYC Long Wear Nail Enamel # 115ASkin Tight Denim Cream. 
  • Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat