Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fortune Cookie Soaps Summer Soap Box

We have all seen the sample subscription services like Birch box and such where you sample different products from different company's. Well Fortune Cookie Soap's has come out with one. It comes out four times a year one for each season with 8 samples of the seasons new products and scents. The cost is $19.99 every 3 months. Also included with the box is a $10 coupon code  towards a FCS purchase. So if you think about it the cost of the box ends up being ten dollars because of the coupon code.

Why I like This?
I have tried Fortune Cookie Soaps products before and liked them, but when there are so many different types of products and scents which can be hard to tell if you like a sent when shopping online. Not to mention pricy when you want to try one of this and one of that of the full products. This gives you a chance to try new products and see if you like a sent before you buy the full product.

The box came nicely packed in blue tissue paper everything arriving in one piece. Along with the samples they included a cute temporary tattoo and shell going with the summer theme. All in all it was a nice presentation.

I'm not dissapointed with any of the scents. I'm not usually much of a floral fan but everything seems to be either fruity or fruity mixed with a light or sweet floral. a lot of the smells reminding me of the beach or tropical fruity drinks. My favorite smell of them all would have to be "Beach Bunny" which reminds me of a mixed drink I call a Blue lagoon which is coco nut rum pine apple juice, blue curacao, and lime soda. This smelled just like it.

The sizes of the samples is very good allowing you to get anywhere from 2 to 8 uses out of each sample, some maybe more which gives you a good opportunity to really decide if you like something. Lets be hones single use samples don't ever give you the opportunity to form a real opinion of something.

My only qualm is with the packaging of the body wash and hand sanitizer. The top has the little push button open tops which is great but the bottle is far too hard to able to squeeze the product out so you have to unscrew the top off to open it anyway.

Mini Flip Flop bath Fizzy "private beach" (sweet fruity & tropical floral smell)

Frotune Cookie Soap "sand dollar" (Fresh beachy/ fresh laundry sent)

Whipped Cream "Pinky Swear" (Sweet berry sent)

Dry shampoo "Wish You were Here" (sweet floral/fruity)

Sparkle Me Body Spray "Beach bunny" (fresh beachy/Fruity tropical mixed drink)

Body wash "Road trip" (lemony/ lemongrass)
Sugar Fix, solid sugar scrub "Sugar Britches" (sweet Gummy candy)

OCD hand sanitizer " Summer Sweet Tea" (sweet, lemony tea)

Hydrate Me, Body conditioning bar "Pool Party" (Beachy/ fruity coconut drink)

So far my favorite product is the Hydrate Me conditioning body bar. You rub it on your shin after the shower while it's still wet. it moisturized my shin well and left it felling soft and the sent lasts a long time.