Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hair Nets, Not just For Lunch Ladys.

When you hear the words hair net what is the first thing you think of? For me it's the stereotypical lunch lady. Not exactly what one would associate with beauty or stylish. But after playing around I think I have found a new appreciation for the hair net

Normally I'm not good at pulling off a good 40's look so when I came up with this I was supper stoked.

What I did
  1. Part hair on the side.
  2. Put hair in hot rollers.
  3. Pull hair back with barrette on side of part with less hair. 
  4. put hair net on top of your head with hair still out at the bottom.
  5. Pull hair back into low ponytail, and then fold ends under. Hold together with your hand.
  6. With other hand pull hairnet down and put hair into the hairnet.
  7. take the hairnet at the top of the head and bring it back a bit freeing some bangs. The elastic of the hair net should rest about 2 inches from hairline. 
My bangs are extra long so I put the ends back in the hairnet but I made some curls with my fingers and placed it under the hairnet and the hair net holds the twist curl perfectly in place.