Sunday, January 22, 2012

E.L.F. High Definition Powder Review

I find that e.l.f. products are always hit or miss. Sometimes they are a good product for a great price and other times they fall in to the you get what you pay for. This High Definition Powder is a little off  mark for me.

  • It's a good price at $6 when high end powders can run $30 or more.
  • the powder puff it comes with is a nice size and fluffy. I also like that it has a little strap on the back to put your finger through to have a better grip on it.
  • Bulky packaging. The packaging also makes it hard to use. You have to tip it upside down to get product out and if there is extra it spills out when trying to close the lid. It also spills when opening too. 
  • The amount you get doesn't even fill the container as yo can see from the picture above.  
  • The powder doesn't last long to keep oil at bay
 The last ting about the packaging hits a pet peeve nerve and that is that the packaging has a spot to keep the powder puff on top of the open part of the container, which is a germy no no.


krystimarie said...

hello. I am a new follower from the blog hop.
Can you please follow me back?

LauraMck said...

i've heard such mixed reviews about this, some people love it and some people hate it!! So unsure if to try it or not xx

Anonymous said...

I think it looks beautiful on the skin and is a good price, but in a few hours my skin 'drinks' it, leaving my blackheads on show >_<

Lori Ann said...

I just bought this recently and I'm a bit ambivalent about it. It is a pain to get out. It seems to cake up a bit more on me even with Fix+

I really enjoy your blog. I just found it through the Monday Blog Hop and I'm now a follower! :)