Sunday, November 27, 2011

Review: Incoco Nail Polish Appliqué

I had received these in my September Birchbox and finally got around to trying them. and I would just like to say I am in love with these! I’m really bad at nail art so this was the perfect solution. I loved the chaetae design. They were easy to apply; it was just like putting a sticker on your nails. I have really short nails so I found that one strip could do a finger on each hand, which means one packet was is like 2 manicures for the price of 1. I just cut it a bit above the nail and applied the remaining strip to the other hand. Normally I can only get 2 maybe 3 days out of a normal manicure if I’m lucky. I’m really hard on my nails. But with these I got 5 days before I started to see small chips and it was about 7 before they really started to peel off in bigger pieces. I did add 2 layers of a clear top coat to protect them and seal the edges.

I checked the site and the strips range in price from $7.99-$10.99 with the patterned designs costing more. Which I think is a good deal seeing as they last longer than nail polish for me. I do think I will try these again, I did see some cute Christmas and winter designs on the site that I would like to try.
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Birchbox Breakdown: Let’s be honest—it’s annoying to wait for your nails to dry. These nail polish strips make it easy to get a flawless manicure without worrying about smudging or streaking. They come in a range of styles, from simple solid colors to out-there designs (leopard, anyone?). Best of all, the strips last up to two weeks and comes off with regular polish remover.

How it Work: They might look like stickers but these nifty strips are actually hyper thin layers of real nail polish. When you place them on your nails, they bend and conform to fit the contours of your nail. Plus, they’re actually better for your nails than regular polish because they contain less solvent and have small pores to let your nails breathe.

How to Use: Take off any existing polish and buff nails thoroughly to get a smooth surface for application. Each package comes with about 16 nails so you have some wiggle room if you mess up. Find the strips that fit your nails the best, and remember that you can stretch them to fit even better. Peel off the backing to the nail strip and place it on your nail, stretching it to fit. Use a file to get rid of the excess and continue to the rest of your fingers (or toes!). Watch our video for tips on perfect.

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