Thursday, September 8, 2011

Extreme Couponing, (Big saving at CVS, Haul)

Recently I have been watching that extreme couponing show and I have been inspired. I mean who doesn’t watch someone get 800$ worth of groceries for 5$ and say I want to do that. Today I feel I have done well. I got 75.94$ worth of stuff from CVS for 34.95, which is a little more than half off everything. 
Here is what I got
    ·         Crest advanced whitening strips – reg. $44.49
    ·         Old Spice body wash- reg. $4.99
    ·         2 old spice antiperspirant/deodorant- reg. $5.99each
    ·         CoverGirl Naturelux mascara –reg. $9.99
    ·         CoverGirl single Eyeshadow- reg. $3.99
Total= 75.94
I paid 34.95, which is 40.99 dollars in savings!
Here is how I did it.
    1.       I had first purchased the whitening strips separately with a $7 manufactures coupon from the    Sunday paper, and a $5 and $3 extra bucks coupon off my purchase from previous receipts. I knew ahead of time that the white strips would give me $10 store coupon, hence the separate transaction.
    2.       Then on the second transaction I used my store loyalty card ($6.50 in savings)
    3.       Then combined with a buy one body wash get one deodorant free manufactures coupon (5.49$ value) and $1 off one old spice product, and $2.50 off any 2 cover girl cosmetic manufactures coupon. ($8.49 all together)
    4.       Lastly I used the $10 coupon from my first purchase I save $25.49 on the second transaction with a grand total savings of $40.99!!!

To top my great savings day I did some grocery shopping and get a $3.75 porterhouse steak with store coupon free toothpaste with manufacturer’s coupon and store sale with the store doubling coupons that are under .99 cents and .34 cent Kleenex through store sale and double coupon. Man it feel great.

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This is so amazing! :) I have seen that show on, but never watched it. I may now though!!!

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